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Visit our Showroom  Cascade Upholstery, a custom upholstered furniture manufacturing & upholstery business established in 1972. Cascade is the premier upholstery business serving Seattle and Eastside communities for over 40 years. Second generation craftsmen build high-quality custom upholstered furniture for residential and commercial clients.  Cascade builds custom upholstered furniture and performs top-of-the-line upholstery work for residential and commercial upholstery clients in the Puget Sound region. Cascade's artisans have over 100 years of combined experience in crafting upholstered furniture and bring second generation skill to their products. Visit the showroom at 1405 132nd Ave NE, Suite 5, Bellevue to see the constantly updated and new textile library. Ask for a tour of the workshop as we revamp its efficiency and through-put capacity. Exciting things are happening at Cascade in 2017!  The 3 R's are Cascade's contribution to design and sustainability:
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Saturday, 01 June 2019
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Friday, 24 May 2019
Upholstery Seattle - Cascade builds custom upholstered furniture and performs top-of-the-line upholstery work for residential and commercial upholster
Wednesday, 27 June 2018
Cascade Upholstery Bellevue, upholstery Seattle
Friday, 01 December 2017
Upholstery Bellevue, Upholstery Issaquah
Sunday, 12 November 2017

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Decades of design and technical experience in Commercial upholstery & reupolstery, will inspire and assist you in making the absolute perfect choices. The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation & 13 Coins are but a few of our Puget Sound clients. At Cascade Upholstery our inhouse crew will breathe new life into your comfortable, quality furniture so you can hold on to those memories without having to find new furniture to fit your living space.

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Onsite Services

One of the many attributes that sets Cascade Upholstery & Furniture Co. is our in house talent. We are not like the major shops that ship the product(s) off to China for secondary work craftsmanship & quality. It is true that the bigger shops are beating us often in pricing however, this margin is insignificant compared to our clienteles reviews and loyalty. As a designer representing your clients tastes and requirements, because we take control of our products and are a loyal community and national minded company we are able to make those fast changes and or corrections you or your client might want. We are so proud of our clean, organized, professional staff. We are so confident that you will make your decision with us, it goes without saying you are welcome in our onsite shop for commercial or residential needs.