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On-site Team

upholstery Bellevue, WA

Cascade's decades of design and technical experience in Residential and Commercial upholstery will inspire and assist you in making the absolute perfect choices for your soft furnishings.  At Cascade Upholstery our inhouse crew will breathe new life into your quality furniture so you can hold on to those memories without having to find new furniture to fit your living space.  This talented team is undaunted by furniture that sat for decades it attics or basements, or was found in an alley.  Solid frames can be repaired and the upholstery and padding can be replaced with dramatic before/after results, like Cinderella at the ball.  Simply email images of your furniture or make an appointment to meet with our team to get the estimates and information you need to make informed decisions about your furniture.  Let's save the good stuff from the landfills and create beautiful spaces for you and your people!





On-site Services

upholstery Bellevue, WA

One of the many attributes that sets Cascade Upholstery apart from other workshops is our in-house talent. We are not like some shops that ship the product(s) off to China or Mexico for secondary work craftsmanship & quality.  We take control of our products in our own workshop and listen to our clients' preferences.  

The textile library is extensive.  There are many shelves of books, boxes and piles of fabrics organized for your selection in the textile library.  The front office team is helpful in directing clients to the most suitable choice for their project, and removing the overwhelming feeling when faced with choices from over 15 different fabric lines.





Upholstery & Furniture Bellevue

We are honored to have the skills of a Master Sewist working on the most complex projects that come through the workshop.  He also oversees the less-detailed work done by 2 upholsterers and is passing on his wisdom to the next generation.  Pattern matching, top stitching, proper cutting and sizing are some of the difficult aspects that he tackles on a daily basis.  He is an absolute trooper, despite what we throw at him.  He's not a huge fan of sewing on mohair because it's like sewing on a fuzzy caterpillar, but the results are stunning!



 professional Upholstery & Furniture Bellevue

The upholstery team at Cascade Upholstery are here for one reason:  they love what they do.  There is a huge difference between upholsterers who are doing this craft for a paycheck and those who are passionate about the craft and take immense pride in their work.  We are incredibly fortunate to have this team of talented upholsterers who care about rejuvenating furniture in the best possible way for their clients.  

Most of this team are multi-generational upholsterers who learned the craft from a parent or family member.  They could have gone into other fields that made more money but they fell in love with this trade and have continued to hone their skills and mentor others in this trade.  



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