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Our Story

Once upon a time there was a young man who believed he could change the world by offering truly top-notch upholstery services to the interior design trade. He was good with his hands, had a fresh college degree to make him wise in business, and endless energy to create one-of-a-kind upholstered furniture.

This creative genius sought other like-minded artisans over the next forty years (including his identical twin brother, so that he could take days off without people noticing…just kidding!) & built a successful team of skilled, second-generation artisans from around the world. The industry quickly came to know Cascade for its fair pricing and excellence.

Cascade Upholstery flew below the radar screen for 40 years: No neon signs (in fact, no sign over the door at all!), no flashy advertising (unless you count the bold name in the local yellow pages in your recycle bin), no photos showcasing its masterful pieces, no brown-nosing with home magazine editors, and no hob-knobbing cocktail parties for this hard-working crew……..until now. One day a business woman with a life-long passion for furniture and design crossed paths with Cascade’s talented founder & joined forces. They agreed that it was time to let Cascade rise above the radar and take a public bow for their hard work and unsurpassed upholstery skills.

She convinced the ever-humble founder that it was ok to photograph their work, hang a sign over the door, post a FaceBook page, create a new resource-rich website, give the textile showroom a facelift, & let our clients brag about Cascade’s work sited in restaurants, office buildings, homes, health clubs, hotels, non-profit organizations (shameless name dropping: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), and front porches throughout the Seattle area. Cascade will continue to be known for its top-notch work as it enters the internet era. Stay tuned for more chapters in our story that will include features about our talented team & clients & resources to help you shop fabrics & learn about custom design & upholstery services.

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